MT project overview

MT project overview

Kanban dashboard for current prototype


The player may travel across the map to a location, accept a mission, travel to the mission, complete the mission (or fail it), return to the location and turn it in for a reward message.


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A worldmap shows a placeholder world, divided into territories. LOCATIONS exist on the map. The party can move between locations along paths. The cursor can be moved around the map to display a summary of the selected territory, showing which faction owns it and the name of any location at the territory.


The squad is at a location. Menus can be used to navigate the areas of a location, each of which offers some function to the player. One area provides a list of potential recruits. Another a list of placeholder missions. Another shows the status of the current squad members. Another displays faction relationships. Another is a placeholder shop for unit parts. Each area has its own background image.


Two teams of identical placeholder bots face off against eachother on a map. A time based system shows the expected turn sequence. The placeholder terrain has multiple heights. The height of the selected tile is shown onscreen. During a turn a unit can move, attack, and choose a direction to face to end its turn. Each of these actions has a time cost. If a movement has occurred but no attack, the movement may be cancelled. Attacks take place on the same screen (no cutscenes). A unit that is reduced to 0 hp is removed from the map.

Last updated: Sat 03 February 2018