Garden of Statues

Garden of Statues

Garden of Statues cover

(Spoilers ahead. Play the game first if you want to experience it as intended ).

I missed the inaugral Alakajam 48 gamejam but was fortunate enough to be available for the 2nd.

The theme of the jam was "You can't see everything" and so I made a game specifically about not seeing a particular object. The player wanders a garden filled with statues (and pots, lots of pots). After a short interval, the keeper of the garden appears and begins to hunt the player. The keeper is a Medusa-like gorgon, and making direct eye contact with her spells instant death. To help keep track of the gorgon, a mirror may be collected and used to peek around corners and over walls without exposing the player.

Garden of statues mirror

Various clues on how to survive and even defeat the gorgon are hidden in plain sight (as statues) throughout the garden. Some areas are covered in grass or moss which generates less noise when walked over and helps avoid drawing the attention of the garden keeper.

Garden of statues gorgon

To alleviate the fairly high difficulty, the game keeps the player's progress when they lose (items collected and damage done to the gorgon). The game suffers somewhat from the poor enemy AI (she does a poor job of avoiding walls) and incomplete art assets, but I am pleased with what I accomplished during the jam's time limit.