Benchmark Update

Benchmark Update 1

I have made it a rule for this project to invest no effort into graphics or sound until as much gameplay as possible is complete. This has been working quite well and I have managed to resist the urge to create any assets beyond a quick 3D debugging cursor. However, now that it is time to share a little of my progress I find it difficult not to feel a little embarrassed of these 'greybox' placeholder assets.

Standard first person controls (currently controlled only by keyboard and mouse) have been implemented. The player can walk around an unremarkable flat plane textured with a lovely grey grid to allow for a sense of movement. Walking over a textureless single colour floor makes perceiving movement very difficult.

Benchmark moving and chopping gif
A simple chop attack can be activated by tapping the attack button. Here we see a nefarious sphere being deftly dispatched by the player.

Benchmark dash attack gif
Holding the attack button for a moment and then releasing activates a dash attack, where the player moves much faster than normal along a straight line, holding the weapon to the side, and hitting any enemy spheres they pass along the way.

Next on the list is some simple UI to show when the dash attack is on cooldown (the time remaining until it may be reactivated), and another to show the current charge level of the dash attack while the player is holding the attack button. Cooldown and charge are already implemented, but are not communicated to the player. Finally for this first prototype, I will implement a 'fail' state to allow the player to lose the game by coming into direct contact with these deadly spheres.

Once these tasks are complete I will review the prototype and determine my next steps.