Benchmark First Prototype

Benchmark first prototype

Showing work with these placeholder visuals is becoming increasingly painful, but also worthwhile as I have invested almost all of my development time to design and gameplay implementation. The video shows three basic enemy types of different speeds and vulnerability. The sphere can be killed with a stab or dash, the cubes are vulnerable only to stabbing and the cylinders only to dashing. Excuse my lazy recording with buzzing microphone.

Some placeholder sounds help communicate various events such as the dash cooldown expiring, weapon charging and so on.

I have also begun testing a different arena layout, the walls are gone and instead there are a number of navigable plateaus above a 'floor is lava' plane of death. Currently this poses no issue to the enemies, but it can result in them floating beyond the plateaus where the player cannot effectively attack them without a guaranteed fall to death. The player has no ability to jump, and instead must 'dash' between the platforms by dashing, achieved by charging the blade (rising yellow bar and sound). Currently there is no indicator of dash distance and the player must learn to estimate how far a given charge will carry them.

One possibility is to allow the player to add a vertical element to their dash, allowing for different pillar heights or airborne enemies capable of moving up and down as they attempt to attack the player (rather than remaining fixedly at a prespecified altitude).